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Buy a 3D Printer

Buy a 3D Printer – Are 3D Printer Prices Affordable?

The latest innovation in the high tech world is with these fabulous 3d printers that we keep hearing about on the news. The interesting thing about 3d printers is that they are not so new to the world, only to the general public. 3d printers have been used in heavy industry for years now. Of course these were huge 3d printers that major corporations used. They cost in excess of $1 million, which didn’t make them too affordable for individuals or small businesses. But now for the common person, this won’t be an issue anymore because the 3d printers that are currently being sold in stores are much cheaper.

The cheapest printer we feature on this page is Zen Toolworks CNC 7×12 3D Printer/Milling Kit that sells on Amazon for less than $500. This printer only prints small objects and nothing too extensive. The more expensive 3d printers that print bigger objects will range from $1,000 to $15,999.

Depending on what you need to print out will determine how much you should spend. Obviously, the average person won’t be able to afford a printer like this. The market for these printers range more towards small businesses than it does towards individual people. Not only will small businesses be more likely to afford these 3d printers, but small businesses will also be able to create their own inventory by printing them out in 3d. This will make 3d printers a worthy investment for any business that depends on inventory and purchasing goods. As for the “ink” cartridges, these are actually cartridges that have a unique plastic material that is used to create the printed objects. The cost for a single cartridge will be as low as $50, which is about the same cost as ink and laser cartridges were when they first came out.

It is predicted that by 2016 the cost for both the 3d printers and their cartridges will greatly be reduced by 50%. So, in 2016 you may very well see 3d printers for about $300 at your local computer store. It is all about supply and demand. Small businesses are already demanding these printers as well as individual people who can afford them. Any time there is a high demand for something that hasn’t been released yet you can be sure the price will be very high. It seems Amazon currently has the best selection and prices of 3D printers of all online retail stores. Lets take a look: